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FNV Newsletter
April 22 1999

*Dwayne Wiggins Holds Press Conference About Police Brutality
*Grandmaster Flash Takes It To The Internet
*Public Enemy Signs An Internet Label Deal
* Black Star To Record Anti-Police Brutality Song
*Puff Daddy Hands Out A Beat Down And Gets Arrested
*Who Am I Quiz #3
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A lot of folks have been emailing and asking what’s happening with the Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone‘s situation. Here’s the official update. For those of you guys who are involved with media. Please check with his lawyer John Burris for the full 4-1-1. People have been very supportive and I have sent Dwayne all the emails you all have sent to me. This whole incident is not about us rallying around a celebrity because he is somehow more important then the average ‘Joe Blow’ who has had similar bad experiences at the hands of the police. Dwayne’s situation just brings more attention to an on going problem. Hopefully out of this, serious steps can be taken to once and for all put an end to all this police abuse drama. It’s a slap to us as tax payers to have to contend with this and it tarnishes the reputation of those officers who do go out and attempt to do a good job. ….

TEL (510)839.5200 FAX (510) 939.3892PRESS RELEASEOn April 21, 1999, at the Law Offices of John Burns, located at 1212 Rm Broadway on the 9th floor @ 10:30 Dwayne Wiggins one of the members of the intemationally known singing group TONY, TONI, TONE will appear at a press conference to announce his intentions to file a a legal claim against the City of Oakland alleging that he was wrongly attacked by. an Oakland Police officer.Mr. Wiggins, an Oakland resident with a long history of community participation, was the victim of a “police profiling” and “racial stereotyping”. He will be present at the press conference to give a statement and answer any questions.Please direct all questions about the press conference to the Law Offices of John Burns at the following telephone number: 1-510-839-5200 or 1-510-939-3892 fax. Please do not attempt to contact Wiggins directly.Thank You

Finally don’t forget the Millions For Mumia March which is going down this Saturday at the Civic Center in San Francisco. People like Congresswoman Barbara Lee, actor Ed Asner, Professor Angela Davis are a few of the many people who will be on hand. Special performances from Michael Franti of SpearheadThe Coup and Hiero will also be on hand…

Props to Hip Hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash. He along with numerous other hip hop artist like Naughty By NaturePublic EnemyIce TFunkmaster FlexThe CoupAndre NickatinaHeiroMystik Journeymen,Beastie Boys and The Roots to name a few, has joined the world wide web. Peep out his new site at Flash says he’s going to bring the same adventurous, creative spirit he brought to hip hop to the internet. In other words he’s looking to stir things up and be an innovator. He’s also working on a new album which will be released on Warner Brothers records. No details about the lp have been released. All I know is that it’s a compilation album. And if that’s not enough he’s getting ready to work on a film about his life.

Speaking of the internet, Public Enemy has just inked an internet label deal with Atomic Pop They’re soon to drop their new album ‘There’s Poison Going On‘ . Be sure to peep out Chuck’s site at

Props to Black Star as they have assembled an allstar cast of rappers to do a song that speaks out against Police Brutality. This song that they are doing is in direct response to the tragic shooting of an unarmed Amadou Diallo who was shot at 41 times this past February in the Bronx. Included on the project is OutKast, De La Soul, Chuck D, Q-Tip, Chico DeBarge, KRS-ONE, Common, Kid Capri, Prince Paul, Xzibit, Red Alert, Mobb Deep, and Defari. Look for the song to drop on May 19th on Rawkus records. If I’ve heard correctly everyone should do their recording later this week. Hopefully they will show up in Philadelphia for the Millions For Mumia Rally..

In case you haven’t heard by now..This went down last Friday. The hip hop world is in shock as Sean Puffy Combs got arrested earlier today for allegedly beating down Nas’s manager Steve Stoute.Apparently Puffy was upset with Stoute for submitting a video to MTV for Nas’s new song Hate Me Now.

In the video there is a somewhat controversial crufixition scene. Puffy who was a part of it had second thoughts and asked to have it not be shown. Stoute thought otherwise and gave to the video to MTV who then showed it on MTV’s Total Request. An upset Puffy gathered up three of his boys and handed out a beat down to Stoute who is not only Nas’s manager but an Interscope Record executive.

Puffy was arrested last Friday after he turned himself in. Apprently they were able to indentify him on the video surveillance camera. He was released on bail. If convicted he faces 7 years in jail. What makes this whole thing so ironic is that Puffy had just raised a million dollars for the Christopher Wallace Foundation. This was the organization he established in memory of the Notorious BIG who was a victim of violence. I gotta be honest when I say I’m disappointed to hear this went down. I recall when Suge Knight dissed the hell out of Puffy during the Source Awards a few years back. Puffy got up and spoke about the importance of being positive and taking the higher road. I wonder what happened to those sentiments. One can only speculate how this will play itself out. But with this coming at the heels of the murder of Lost Boy member Freaky Tah by jealous rappers from the group Hellraisers and Big L at the hands of kids angry with his incarated brother, it looks like Hip Hop is in for a long hot summer.

Apparently last week’s riddle was way to easy.. Everyone knew the answer was Humpty Hump ofDigital Underground and his hit song The Humpty Dance. Some of you good people even had the nerve to get arrogant and actually demand to have something harder.. Ok busters.. You asked for it, you got it..

WHO AM I ?#3

I walked the land before what you currently enjoy was here. My comrads feared me when I entered onto the scene because I was able to drown them out with my massive sound. You saw me briefly in a famous Hip Hop movie and then I had to lay low because I was stabbed and almost lost my life. I give props to Public Enemy’s dj as being one of the few to ever publicly honor me on wax. One of my boys was Clark Kent and together we made a terrific trio. Who am I and Who were we?

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FNV Newsletter
April 12 1999

*Freaky Tah’s Murder Suspects Arrested
*Nas And Puffy Get Chased By Tigers On Their Set
*Sister Souljah Is Back
*Lauryn Hill Speaks Out On Police Brutality
*Jay-Z Appears On Fox Files
*Andre Nikatina..Who Is He?
*Hip Hop Riddle #2

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In case you don’t know by now, there 3 people were arrested last week for the killing of The Lost Boyz‘ Freaky TahKelvin JonesRaheen Fletcher and Ryan Birth have all been charged with second degree murder. Thus far police are speculating that Kelvin Jones was the actual gunman. With all that being said the story behind Freaky Tah’s killing takes on an assortment of strange turns and twists. The police were looking into the possible connection between the recent killing of rap star Big L and Freaky Tah. The two victims knew each other and as was the case with Big L there is speculation that Freaky Tah’s murder was a revenge killing. Unofficial reports are speculating that the intended target may have been fellow Lost Boyz member Mr Cheeks.

There have been stories circulating, noting that members of the Lost Boyz had some on going beefs with some kids from around their way {Queens New York}. Although Tah may not have been directly involved, his killing may have been in clear retaliation to the way kids down with The Lost Boyz had handled past problems. The word is, their crew could and would definitely bring the ‘funk’ and be heavy handed when confronted. In short, this was some street drama that played itself out publicly and resulted in a tragic death. In the meantime, The Lost Boyz new album ‘LB For Life‘ will be released in June as scheduled.

I was sent an article from the Philadelphia News that talks about a tiger getting loose on the set of Nas’ video ‘Hate Me Now’. According to the story, NasPuffy and Funkmaster Flex literally ran for the hills when these tigers got lose and ran amuck. That’s understandable, but what made this so interesting was that the trainers needed only some milk to calm the big critters down.. I guess all that shot calling big balling stuff went out the window in this case..For more info peep out

Rap Activist Sister Souljah is back on the scene. If you may recall Souljah stirred things up a few years back with President Clinton who had the nerve to publicly criticize her and refer to her as a gangsta rapper. She was once a member of Public Enemy and kinda set things off with a song she and Chuck D did on Terminator X’s album entitled ‘Buck Whylin’. This was the cut where she yells out at the beginning ‘We Are At War!’. Nowadays Souljah has been wrecking shop behind the scenes with her work with Puff Daddy. She runs his very successful Daddy’s House program which helps out inner city youth.

Now Souljah is about to step into the public eye again as she has just released her second book. Entitled The Coldest Winter Ever, this is a fictional story about a young woman who grows up in Brooklyn and is treated like a Mafia princess by her daddy who is a drug lord.. The book chronicles this woman’s life and times as she moves from the projects and out into the suburbs. Souljah’s first book ‘No Disrespect‘ was her autobiography. Finally there is talk that Souljah may soon drop another album with the help of Sean Puffy Combs that should be an interesting combination. Hopefully these upcoming projects will thrust Souljah back into the spotlight and grant her some proper respects. I’ve always felt that for a woman as sharp and as insightful as she is.. she has never really gotten her props. Perhaps she’s too powerful.

Folks are giving Lauryn Hill big props for speaking out and acknowledging the current police brutality crises that seem to be taking place all over this country. The other week during her concert in Madison Square Garden.. An attendee at the concert wrote me to say this….

“Lauryn addressed the whole Amadou Diallo and police brutality situation here in New York. She told the very racially diverse crowd that if they did not agree with the situation that was going on, they should make their voices heard not only at the protest but all at the ballot box by voting. She also stated that Black life was just as valuable as any other and that while they are good police officers and most probably are doing a good job, those that are brutal and mistreat people must face justice. It was great because she a is major voice in hip hop who people respect and she did it right before her last encore when her whole audience was listening. She is an example more major artists should follow. So when I wrote a while back that more voices in hip-hop should be heard on this issue, I did specify that it is especially important to hear from the more prominent stars.”

The author of this letter went on to question whether or not Redman,Method ManDMX and Jay-Z would do something similar during theirHard Knock Life Tour. Ironically all four of those guys have had major run ins with the law. In the case of Meth and DMX they were most definitely wronged by the police. Meth was hemmed up back in October in Memphis while signing autographs.. and DMX was jailed and falsely accussed of raping someone last June.

With regards to this whole issue of police brutality and in light of what happened with Dwayne Wiggins, I will be doing a radio show on this whole issue. It will be the second show we do this year and it will take place the day after the Millions For Mumia March here in SF which is April 24th..On the show we intend to alert people to what their rights are and aren’t.. and hopefully get more folks active and involved with the going ons in their community.

Since we brought up the name Lauryn Hill, folks will want to know that her good friend Wyclef Jean announced that there will definitely be a Fugee album coming out in the new Millennium. He says he wants to put all this bad talk and speculation about him Lauryn and Pras not getting along, behind him. Right now he says he has put his next solo project on hold and that everyone is waiting for Lauryn to get off tour so they can meet and work things out. Wyclef promised that the next Fugee album will be a return to their hip hop roots. Lauryn’s other good friend, Pras has been doing the whole movie thing.. He will be featured in a new flick called Mystery Man and he’s about to start filming Ghetto Superstar which is being produced by Madonna. Considering all that you’ve heard and seen by Pras, Wyclef and Lauryn, how do think a Fugee album would be at this time? Do you think they can get back their chemistry? Would it be a waste of time? Hit me at

How many of y’all saw Jay-Z on the Fox Filesnews show last week? I thought it was a pretty good piece. They seemed to make a point of showing that Jay-Z goes back to the notorious Marcy Projects where he grew up in Bed Stuy and tries to help out the folks from around the way. That cool that he does that. I could’ve used Jay-Z’ help 15 years ago when my crew went out to Marcy Projects to do a gig and got stuck up for all their equipment.. But that’s another story..:) Anyway, Jay-Z doesn’t appear to be one who flosses his success in people’s faces at least according to the folks who were interviewed. He seemed determined to set an example to folks that they too can make it.. I wonder if Fox Files intends to do more pieces spotlighting hip hop stars? It will certainly garner them an audience. Unfortunately, Fox has a bad habit of using Hip Hop and then discarding it after it reaches a certain level of success. Case in point.. ‘In Living Color, New York Undercover and Living Single. These were all popular shows that had some facet of hip hop as a key element. As the shows began to grow then Fox would come along and pull the plug. We’ll see what happens with Fox Files..

Who is Andre Nikatina
by Adisa The BishopOf all the rappers from the Bay Area, none have made the impact ofAndre Nikatina. He hit the scene a few years back under the name Dre Dog, shocking the world with his debut album “The New Jim Jones”. His rhymes were lyrically clever, deeply rooted in the Bay Areas drug game and laced with a sinister edge found in no other MC in the region. He followed strong with the equally infernal “I Hate You With a Passion”. But the record game is evil. He shook his old label and reemerging as Andre Nikatina released “Cocaine Raps” and “Raven in my Eyes”. Darker, and more sinister than his earlier releases Andre Nikatina solidified himself as an underground icon in the Bay Area. Now a bit wiser and more lyrical than ever, Mr. Nikatina finds himself at the helm of running his new label, Filmoe Coleman Records and dropping a new release “Tears of a Clown”.

Tears of a Clown proves that Andre Nikatina is no gimmick rapper. His rhymes are methodical, clever and most of all, original. From true grit of “The Rap Gods”, and “Last Breath of an MC”, to the wicked instrumental “Even Pimps Get Broken Hearts”, onto story rhymes like “Classified”, a love story about a man and his car – this is a first rate record from front to back. Without dropping one ad as of yet, local record stores in across the Bay are having a hard time keeping it in stock. And he’s meticulous when it comes to keeping his business in order. To get closer to hearts of his fans he has just launched He promises “This web site is gonna be something special. I’m gonna be sellin’ a lot of unreleased material, shirts, photos from my tours. It’s gonna be real live in the next couple of months”. For an interview contact Shin-Ken Entertainment at

Last week I dropped this gem of a riddle:

Before there was the Invisible Scratch Picklz, I used to cut it up.. I was one of the fastest djs around..I went to New York and got robbed of my victory in a legendary New Music Seminar battle.. You could here the crowd booing when I lost.. I’m one of hip hop’s pioneers in my land of birth..and I was down with one of hip hop’s first independent record labels. I had bunch of hits although some of you so called headz won’t think so.. I was down with the Mixmasters..My last name might remind folks of a famous high school… Like it or not I’m everlasting…. Who am I?

For those who don’t know… The person is none other then Joe Cooley.. of the Rodney O and Joe Cooley fame.. They were once down with theEgyptian Lover and his Egyptian Empire record label which was one of hip hop’s first successful record labels. For those who never seen Joe get down on the turntables.. He is by far one of the fastest I’ve ever seen.. and trust me I’ve seen them all.. His battles with DJ Cash Money were legendary. I recall seeing the two go head to head at the Scottish Rite Temple here in Oakland.. Joe had an edge over Cash who seemed to more creative, but was no match for Joe’s incredible speed. I’m not quite sure what Joe is doing these days since Rodney has decided to go solo..

Here’s another Hip Hop Riddle to ponder…

Who Am I? The record that bears my name wasn’t supposed to be included on my group’s first album. But due to sample clearance problems, mainly from Kraftwerk, I was put to work and asked to come up with a song. Being the great rap star that I am, my song completely overshadowed the concept my group had originally developed for their album. In fact my song sold over 2 million units. At the time it was the most for a 12 inch single.. I made my group famous.. Absolutely famous I tell ya. Oh well just so ya know my groups concept had something to do with sex. People like to call Biz Markie a clown, but trust me folks I’m just as funny.. Also I started a dance craze with my song… Who Am I/ And What was my song..? Hit me back at

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