Mista FAB Lands Radio Gig & Endorses Mayoral Candidate Ron Dellums
by Davey D

As the Bay Area’s Hyphy Movement continues to take hold around the nation, here in the Bay, things are moving to higher levels. The person who is front in center of this movement is Mistah FAB.

For starters he has been speaking out and letting everyone know about his position in next week’s Mayoral elections here in Oakland. Mista FAB has come out and endorsed former Congressman Ron Dellums and has been pulling no punches both with him and his fans.

FAB sat on a Hip Hop meets Politics panel a couple of weeks ago when Dellums came to speak. FAB was impressed and told the candidate that he and other politicians need to have a way to make their political speak relatable to the Hip Hop fan base that Mista FAB and others have.

FAB also told Dellums that he should not be fooled into thinking that because he sports a grill, wears his hat backwards and gets hyphy that he doesn’t stay up on the politics effecting Oakland. Following in the tradition of 2Pac who was always well read and stayed informed, Mista FAB is and numerous other artists are the same way. Part of being able to get their hustle on is being up on all aspects that impact both their business and neighborhood.

FAB noted that he has sat down and spoken with Dellums about a number of key issues including police harassment, segregation in the neighborhoods and poor housing. He came away satisfied that the job will get done under Dellums and may actually take some sort of position within his administration if he gets elected. Thats real big

If thats not enough, Mista FAB has stepped up his game and landed a Friday Night radio show on KYLD (Wild 94.9) in San Francisco. The show is called The Yellow Bus and he intends to take people to school. He noted that on his show, he will play all the latest hyphy jams but he’s also going to have a segment called the Book report where he laces cats up about the latest political happenings.

In a recent interview FAB noted that, as an artist he can get people to get hyphy, go dumb and shake their dreads. So with that in mind, he wants to influence fans to also go get political… The Yellow Bus is going to be major addition to the Hyphy Movement…

With FAB hitting the airwaves, he joins other Bay Area artists like E-40 on KMEL 106.1 FM and T-Kash on KPFA 94.1 FM who both have popular radio shows

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