Playahata Report: David Banner Does Song for T.I.

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

The Playahata Report: Banner Does Song For T.I.

People the Jena 6 is still worth our effort, there are some black bloggers making a stink since reports of Robert Bailey Jr.acting immature on his myspace page and or other internet modules we need to know it takes nothing away from the Jena 6 Effort as some black bloggers are suggesting they have a few videos on youtube reporting your jena 6 money went to him flossing, its simply not true.
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O.J. Simpson was slapped with new charges of felony coercion Wednesday in the alleged armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas. The revised complaint also drops charges against Walter Alexander and Charles Cashmore, who pleaded guilty Tuesday to reduced charges, according to AP. This is no suprise and this is how they do it, eventually there will be so many charges that something sticks to a jury.

OJ should have moved to Jamaica a long time ago that way, it wouldn’t be so crazy for him. Jamaican judges are not so crazy about jailing celebrities. For example Beenie Man missed a court date on Tuesday (October 23rd) in his native Jamaica and a judge has issued an arrest warrant for the performer. Reuters reports that Beenie Man, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis, is accused of not paying taxes for over 10 years. Imagine that Wesley Snipes. The Grammy Award winner was informed several weeks ago during a previous court date that he owed $415,000 in back taxes and another $246,000 in penalties. Judge Owen Parkins was surprised that Beenie Man didn’t show up for the court date. He said, “I am surprised that he has not appeared before me. This case is well publicized and he should have been in court. No one is above the law.” The reggae star claimed he was unaware of the delinquent taxes and that he had a management company handling his finances.

Seal will release the new CD System on November 13th and Oprah is helping to promote his album. Seal and superstar wife, Klum appears on today’s Oprah Winfrey Show devoted to “Superstar Couples.”

On the show, Klum reveals that when she first met Seal it was lust at first sight. “I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City,” she said, “and he came in just from the gym and was sitting there and I was, like, wow.” The singer was wearing his form-fitting bicycle shorts, which inspired Klum. “I pretty much saw everything,” she said of his outfit, “the whole package.”

Black women seem to have also taken a new interest in Seal ever since he crossed over to the other side he has received more requests from magazines with African American females as targets.

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1. Ludacris Fails to Impress Ethiopians
2.Tupac statue defaced and noosed and comments on T.I
3.Rappers feel sorry for T.I reports that David Banner released a new song online, titled “B.A.N. (The Love Song)” a.k.a. “Free T.I.P.,” which addresses the situation.

Banner explained, “For the most part on the song, I’m saying we gotta take responsibility in our own community. Some of our people are messing up, but it ain’t for America to tear them down. People got on me for supporting Mike Vick, but if America don’t support him, don’t mean I gotta turn my back on him.”

50 Cent, who filled in for T.I. at the Philadelphia Powerhouse concert, also weighed in on the situation. According to the G-Unit general, T.I. may be better off copping a plea since he was set up.

50 Cent said, “I hope he can make the best out of that situation. If he gets 10 years, that ain’t bad. If the security person is already telling, it’s obvious that’s their witness. They got tapes, they got all this. … (If it was me,) I would have to tell the people I did it and sit down for a minute. Nobody wants to hear that you have to stay 10 years nowhere. It’s not a good thing, period. It’s unfortunate, but he got himself in that space. I don’t know the real facts. Maybe he didn’t do it; let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

Akon also shared his thoughts on the situation. He said, “It’s obvious he was set up. But sometimes when you’re in a position of that stature and you’re that big, you just don’t allow that energy around you. You have to have people around you to let you know or avoid that energy. Even if he was a (gun) collector, naturally, you get a license to collect. That’s just common sense. At that stage where he’s at, he don’t need to protect himself. You hire legitimate law enforcement, or you hire people who are licensed to carry (guns). Surround them around you and you’ll be safe. You get to a certain point where they say, ‘You can take the kid out the ghetto, but you can never take the ghetto out the kid. T.I. was experiencing that for a minute.”

RZA, who met T.I. while on the set of the new movie American Gangster, was under federal investigation for several years at the height of the Wu-Tang Clan’s popularity. He said, “He’s a good man and his situation, it could happen to any of us. I’ll say this: They have a hip-hop task force out there. They looking (to lock us up) for whatever we do. We gotta be extra, extra clean and we got to watch what we say. Anything we say can and will be used against (us). We got to get more conscious on how we moving because you got people out there. The black community has moved up to being creative and making money, and that means that these cops need jobs and their job is to come and follow us and watch us.” – interesting Quote of the Day – “I gotta do a little three and a half. I had to cop out to a three and a half – the hip-hop cops, they all over me son. They took my bullet proof truck. But I’ll be right back though.All they doing is making me stronger, they don’t even know what they doing. They making me Malcolm X right now.” -Mobb Deep’s Prodigy to after reaching a plea deal that will require him to serve three and half-years behind bars.



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