Can Black & Brown Communities Ever Have Peace w/ the Police?

Posted: March 28, 2009 in Uncategorized
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by Davey D

So in the aftermath of the 4 cops being killed in East Oakland, there’s been a raging debate in many circles from coast to coast about how we as a community should be responding.. A lot of folks were appalled that there were folks cheering or acting gleeful about the killings. There were many who were very upset that theywould see Lovolle Mixon the person who shot the 4 officers as some sort of heroe. Many felt we had lost our humanity by cheering for death.

On the flipside many felt justice was served. They felt that if you treat someone inhumanley they will eventually behave that way… They feel that after decades of unchecked brutality including the recent shooting death of unarmed Oscar Grant-no sympathy or empathy should be shown to the police. A common argument has been put forth-If ‘not all police are bad-and there are some good cops-why don’t we hear from them? Why are we sending flowers to the family of those slain cops who didn’t feel it was necessary to send flowers to Oscar Grant’s family.

In anycase no matter how one feels a resounding theme that keeps surfacing is ‘dialogue’. The community needs to sit down and work out this troubled relationship with the police..Can that really happen? And if so what does that look like? Who sits at the table? Sure its easy to get some choir boys and do gooders and have them sit down and ‘talk’ with the officers who run the PAL program.
But can we sit those who have been victims or witnessed police brutality down with officers who feel the hood is amess that needs to be cleaned up at all costs.

Can the community sit down not with the police chief but the head of the police union and come to some sort of impactful solution?

This is the question of the day..In the wake of the Oakland police shootings many are saying no more violence and more dialogue w/ the police. Can that really happen? Can we really have peace & harmony w/ the police? How & who can make this happen?

Here’s a few comments we got when we posted up this question earlier today

Mike Clark
Dialogue can happen if police for once take accountability for their own actions and own lack of judgment before swearing in “some” of these officers. Shine Law at 9:19am March 26
It will never happen, Never. There is no trust at all. And why people acting like this is something new the only time it becomes a problem is when cops are killed they do us dirty on the daily. And nothing has changed since the turned in there white hoods for blue shirts. They come to the job pissed off.

True Nahar
the vigilante element. balance is the key. COMMON ground has to be determined with respect for the knowledge that the police are just as human as the other guy with the gun. to me, i’m jus sayin.

Christina Gomez
Its ideology that needs to change. Dialogue will help only if we discuss our views of each other and start breakin down those ideologies. If not- you’ve got two groups of people talking to each other that have already determined the outcome of the dialogue; I aint changing. At least this way, if nothing else-we heard it from the horses mouth what we each think of each other and can work from there.

Can we in the Black and Brown communities ever have friendly relationships with the police? Can we have real dialogue?
  1. thehague1 says:

    How many of the kids getting roughed up by the police on the street corners have a mom and dad at home? When people in the ghetto start taking charge of their parental responsibility, streets won’t need to be policed, that begins at home.

  2. mrdaveyd says:

    yes that 92 year old woman shot in atlanta and unarmed Oscar grant a father to his 4 year old sure needed their parents.. wait didn’t Oscar live in the suburbs? oh yeah he did..

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